Remember remember the Fifth of November. . .

Just bought Thomas Sowell’s 2009 book “The Housing Boom And Bust” for one dollar at Dollar Tree.Anxious to read what he writes. #lovenotwar

Mtn. Dub at the Galaxy Lounge ftw!

Finally got my prescription glasses in the mail today. $15.87 for two pairs plus 3weeks waiting is well worth it.

October 27, 1904-First rapid transit subway, the IRT, opens in New York in New York City, privately financed

People not governments. Democracies,Republics,Monarchies,Oligarchies, etc all fail at seeing individuals.I care about people&not countries or false percentages

I am the 0.0000000147596% because I first am an individual and not a collective.To progressively increase human flourishing we must recognize the individual.

At Barnes&Noble in JC setting up for a Google Hangout videochat w/presidential candidate Governor Gary Johnson. Come on down to ask some questions.

ly through free association can people be most fully in control of their own lives — and that is why complete liberty will always be more democratic tha

n “democracy” as the term is currently understood.”

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